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Saiyan Battle Training

The Saiyans aren’t really seen training that often and the training we do see appears to be combat-related. In general, the 10x Gravity and a wealth of fighting and beating each other into Zenkai after Zenkai would likely be all the race would need to get stronger. (That is, until Goku and Vegeta used other training methods to become like a gazillion times stronger than ordinary Saiyans.)

Fighting with this cape is going to be difficult.

This workout is designed to mimic the type of training a Saiyan might receive on the battlefield.

Saiyan Battle Training

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  1. Sprint 50 Meters
  2. 10 Sprawls
  3. Sprint 50 Meters
  4. 30 Seconds Shadowboxing/Bagwork
–AMRAP to Failure, Rest 3 Minutes, then
  1. Sprint 100 Meters
  2. 10 Tuck Jumps
  3. 10 Sandbag Throws (50+#)
  4. 30 Seconds Shadowboxing/Bagwork
–AMRAP to Failure, Rest 3 Minutes, then
  1. Sprint 400 Meters
  2. Heavy Tire Flip OR Sled Pull/Push- 200 Meters
  3. Walking Lunges– 100 Meters
  4. Bear Crawl– 50 Meters
  5. Army Crawl- 25 Meters
  6. Shadowbox/Bagwork to FAILURE!!!
  1. This is not an easy workout. At the very beginning, you may only be able to do the first section. That’s fine. You’re just a budding Saiyan warrior!
  2. AMRAP to Failure means that you will keep doing that section of the training until you have to stop. So, if you fail in a sprint or have to fall on the ground and breathe during an exercise, that section is done. So, if you’re new to all this, just stick to the first section and go it a little easy for the first few times.
  3. Throw the sandbag any way you like. As it gets easier, use a heavier version.
  4. Your shadowboxing and bagwork should be relatively fast.
  5. The last section is to take you to the point of absolute exhaustion so that you’re ready to receive a Zenkai worthy of a Saiyan monster such as yourself.
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!  And if you like what you see, consider sharing this workout and becoming a Patron!
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