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Sena’s Basic Training (Eyeshield 21)

In Eyeshield 21, Sena is beyond frail, but he has ridiculous speed from being an “errand boy” for so many years. Because of this, he gets roped into playing for the American Football team in his high school. The training he undergoes at the beginning of the series is very simple, mostly because of his lack of ability to do anything other than run really fast. 

Here’s the workout.
Sena’s Basic Training (Eyeshield 21)
  1. Jog- 5 Minutes
  2. Crossover Step with Agility Ladder- 30 Times Each Direction
  3. 40 Yard Dash- 3 Sets
  4. Pushing- 3 x 30 Yards (1 Minute Rest Between Sets)
  5. Bench Press- 3 x 10 Reps (1 Minute Rest Between Sets)
  6. 40 Yard Agility Dash- 5 Sets (1 Minute Rest Between Sets)
  7. Run and Catch- 5 Sets
  • An agility ladder is laid flat on the ground and each step goes in between two rungs of the ladder without skipping a space. You’ll move laterally with your steps, crossing one foot in front of the other. Moving laterally is important to becoming more agile. 
  • You’ll really have to push yourself in the 40 yard dash. It’s all about acceleration. You need to be fast RIGHT NOW. You don’t have time to get in a groove or build up speed.  So, think about exploding off the line, dig in, and run as fast as you can!
  • For pushing, it’s best if you had an actual American Football sled, with the pad on it, but if not, you can push against a weight sled or even some larger tires. 
  • On your bench press, the amount of weight you pick should be so that the first two sets are build-ups to the last set and on the final rep of your final set you are pushing as hard as you can. 
  • The 40 Yard Agility Dash- You sprint your 40 yards and immediately turn around and sprint back. That’s one set. 
  • The Run and Catch is very simple. You run out ahead of someone with a football and have them throw it so that you have to turn around and catch it. This will help with your hand-eye coordination and agility. 
That’s all for today. Hope you guys enjoy this workout, since it’s a little bit different. Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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