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Shinogi Kureha: The Ultimate Athlete (Grappler Baki)

This workout takes all of Kureha’s attributes and throws them into a single training session. Strength, speed, endurance, flexibility– the whole package. It is very hard, but can be scaled down. I will put the scaled version of each of the exercises in the notes.

Shinogi Kureha: The Ultimate Athlete

3 Minute Iron Cross

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  1. 20 Ring Pull-ups
  2. 20 Ring Dips
  3. 20 Handstand Push-ups
  4. 20 Widowmaker Squats
  5. 20 Wall Walks
  6. 400 Meter Run (Meters= 400 x Round #)
  • If you cannot do an Iron Cross, which is very difficult, you may start by holding yourself up on the rings for as long as possible. Eventually, you may begin to move your arms further and further out, until you are able to hold both arms completely straight out on each side of your body. 
  • During the Rounds, if you fail during any of the exercises, you may not advance to the next round. Go ahead and complete whatever round you are on with full reps, but stop after the run on that round. 
  • If you cannot do Ring Pull-ups or don’t have rings, you can do normal pull-up or assisted pull-ups with a band or assisted pull-up machine.
  • If you cannot do Ring Dips or don’t have rings, you can do dips at a dip station, in between two chairs or something similar. 
  • Widowmaker Squats are squats where you use a weight you would normally do 12 repetitions with and you push yourself to get 20 reps. It’s going to be difficult, but you will have to rest at the top position and push through. 
  • Wall Walks begin with you facing away from a wall and bending back, while walking your hands down the wall until your hands are on the ground and you are in a gymnastic bridge. You then walk your hands up the wall in the same fashion. That’s one rep. 
  • For the run, depending on what round you’re on, it may be 400 Meters or more. The first round is 400 Meters, the second is 800, the third is 1200, the fourth is 1600 and so on and so forth. It’s doubtful that you would be able to get more than two or so rounds into the workout, due to the possibility of failing on the other exercises.
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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