Starter Kit – Real Anime Training

The Real Anime Training Starter Kit

Workout "Quick Reference Guides"

These "QRGs" are designed to fit perfectly on your phone's screen to make following some of our most popular workouts! This free download includes QRGs for "Natsu's Breath of Fire Workout," "Baki's trainer Workout" and the "Pokémon GO Workout."

Five Exercise Demonstration Videos

These five exercise demonstrations are taken straight from our premium service "Real Anime Training Plus." These videos will teach you how to properly execute the following exercises.

  1. Bulgarian Split Squat
  2. Decline Sit-Ups
  3. Broad Jump Squat
  4. Wide Push-Ups
  5. Sit-Up to Glute Bridge

10 Reasons Why Working Out Isn't "Working Out"

Inevitably, everyone who starts working out falls flat on the ground. The temptation to give up is strong. Why do we encounter these devastating moments? And how do we ensure that we keep on going? This article provides ten mistakes that everyone makes that keeps them from reaching their final form.