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Starting the Journey (AKA: The Random Easy Day)

This workout has a dual purpose. First of all, the purpose of this workout is to be a stepping-stone for those not quite ready for the intensity of the other workouts or who may need to increase their fitness at a slower rate than others. The secondary purpose is to serve as a random easy day amidst the several grueling workouts that we have in the Real Anime Training roster.

Most anime either start with a character going on a journey or have a saga where a character disappears to go on a journey, so we did this workout in that spirit. It’s easy and it’s meant to be that way.

Starting the Journey

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Walk 1 Mile.

After you complete this workout on three separate occasions, add 1 Mile to the distance and repeat that cycle. If you are cycling this workout in a random fashion with all the other workouts, it should be a long time before are walking any significant distance. However, if you are extremely out of shape/overweight, you can use it 2-3 times a week and try a normal Real Anime Training Workout once a week, until you feel like you are in good enough shape to do the other workouts on a regular basis.

In terms of this workout being a “rest,” imagine if you’d randomly done three long, massively difficult workouts over three days and one day of rest isn’t enough. You could throw in this workout for an opportunity to rest, but still keep your body moving.

That’s all for now. Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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  • James says:

    Thanks Stephen, I lost ten lbs in two weeks with this exact workout! Also It's bullshit I have to fill in a captcha even when I'm already signed in with my google ID and the comments are being moderated. Not that I'm blaming you…anyway, walking is good exercise.

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