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Stephen Makes Stuff Up #2: Dead Rising

Yet another workout I made up. The point of this workout is to simultaneously tax muscular strength and endurance, while also keeping your heart rate relatively high. You’ll start with a low weight and increase it as high as you can using the following format: (Please note that you can start wherever you like, but must follow the prescribed weight increments)

15#, 25#, 45#, 65#, 95#, 135#, 185#, 225#, 275#, 315#, 365#, 405#, 455#, 495#, 545#, 585#, 635#, 675#, 725#

The weights can go very high and I doubt many of you would be able to touch a 700+# deadlift, but it’s there just in case one of you is a world class powerlifter and you want to make a point or something. The score on this workout is the highest weight you lifted without failing on any of the sets. Therefore, if you got to the fifth set of deadlifts and only completed three reps without stopping, your score would be whatever that weight was (as this will be an accurate gauge of your strength, endurance, and cardio combined). However, you should go ahead and attempt to complete the workout anyway. More on that in the notes.

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On a side note, I like clever names for things. 😛  Thus, the name of this workout.

Dead Rising

  1. 10 Deadlifts
  2. 25 Push-ups (One Minute Limit Each Set)
  3. 9 Deadlifts
  4. 25 Push-ups
  5. 8 Deadlifts
  6. 25 Push-ups
  7. 7 Deadlifts
  8. 25 Push-ups
  9. 6 Deadlifts
  10. 25 Push-ups
  11. 5 Deadlifts
  12. 25 Push-ups
  13. 4 Deadlifts
  14. 25 Push-ups
  15. 3 Deadlifts
  16. 25 Push-ups
  17. 2 Deadlifts
  18. 25 Push-ups
  19. 1 Deadlift
  20. 25 Push-ups
  • So this means that if you started with 15#, you would do 10 reps with it. Then you would complete 9 reps with 25# and 8 reps with 45# and so on. 
  • You may need to use a smaller bar for the 15 and 25# sets, because a normal Olympic bar is 45#.
  • If you get up into higher weights during the workout and need to break up the listed reps into smaller sets of 1 or 2, that’s perfectly fine. However, your score for the workout will be the heaviest weight you completed in an unbroken set.
  • If you are unable to pick up a listed weight for a set at all, your workout is over and your score reverts to the heaviest weight you lifted prior to that set.
  • Pay attention to the fact that you will also be completing 250 push-ups during this workout. Don’t worry about failing on a set of push-ups, because you are allotted a full minute to complete all 25. If you are not able to complete 25 push-ups in one minute, your score will revert back to the heaviest weight you lifted prior to that failed set. Go ahead and attempt to finish the workout, however, in order to push your endurance. 
  • It will obviously take a little time to change your weight in between sets, but that’s fine and has been taken into account. 
  • Once again: Your score is the heaviest unbroken set of deadlifts you completed. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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