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Super Mario Workout (Submission)

You guys can thank Blackeroni on YouTube for this one. I’m going to post his exact workout and then my modified version, so you can pick which one you’d like to do.

Super Mario Workout (Submission Version)

  1. Running- 6 Minutes
  2. Jump Squats- 3 x 10 Reps
  3. Jumping over obstacles- 10 Minutes
  4. Gymnastics Training- 30 Minutes
  • On the run, you should be going full speed. You’ve only got six minutes to go as far as you possibly can, so get moving!
  • These can be any version of jump squat you like- sumo, conventional, hindu… whatever. Rest for 30 seconds in between sets.
  • For jumping over obstacles, you can use bricks, buckets, stairs, boxes or whatever. You want to push yourself, but don’t try something so tall or long that you can’t make the jump and end up hurting yourself. You can try static jumps from standing or you can get a running start. Just practice jumping over things.
  • For gymnastics training, if you have access to a gymnastics facility, use it. However, if you do not, please use mats if you are going to be flipping around. Broken necks don’t heal quickly…
Super Mario Workout (Real Anime Training Version)

1. As many rounds in 6 minutes as possible
-Sprint 100 Yards
-10 High Jump Squats
Rest 5 Minutes
2. 21-15-9 Reps
-24″ Box Jumps
-Sledgehammer Swings to tire
Rest 5 Minutes
3. Jump and Pull Climb- 5 Minutes
4. Practice Gymnastics- 10 Minutes
  • This is designed to be relatively intense for the time period you are doing it. 
  • We’ve covered high jump squats, box jumps, and sledgehammer stuff previously.
  • For Jump and Pull Climb, you’ll need to have a wall or small structure that you can jump and pull your self onto. It’s essentially like in Mario 64, when you have to jump and climb on obstacles. You’ll climb onto the obstacle, climb back down, and repeat for the time limit.
  • See the other versions notes for gymnastics practice. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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