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Takamura’s Beginning Boxing Routine

This is a request from a reader who wanted to see more training from secondary characters in Hajime no Ippo. So, I figured, let’s start with Takamura Mamoru, arguably the strongest fighter in the series. The training we see here is from Takamura’s pre-debut time. It is very simple, but is designed to do some very necessary things: give Takamura the speed to chase his opponent, the lead punch to set the pace and make way for his dynamite right punch. And if this seems a bit much, you do need to remember that this is Takamura we’re talking about here, so feel free to tone it down a bit.

Here we go!

Takamura’s Beginning Boxing Routine

Run 4.5 Miles

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4-6 Hours Later

  1. 1000 Jabs to Heavy Bag
  2. “Scooter Pull”- 5 x 50 Yards
  3. Run 4.5 Miles
  • The running might seem a bit excessive, but I put it at 4.5 miles, because it was listed that Takamura ran the course in less than 30 minutes and the gym crew seemed impressed with this, but not overly shocked, which lets me know it’s probably more than 3 miles and less than 5, so I just went with this. Also, Coach Kamogawa had Takamura run the course in the morning and evening. 
  • You can do the jabs all at once, in sets of 100, in rounds of 3 minutes, or however you want to do them. Just do 1000 and don’t use your other hand. 
  • For the “Scooter Pull,” I imagine if might be difficult to find someone who will let you pull them up a hill while they sit on a scooter, but I’ll give you some options. You can go authentic and have somebody (or two) sit on a scooter while your drag them up a steep hill or you can use one of these options: a grocery cart with someone in it (plus 45lbs to mimic the scooter’s weight), a weight sled, a few smaller tires or one big tire. The point of it is, you want to have a difficult time pulling the weight up the hill. You don’t want to be able to run it at all. 
  • Like I said before, you are more than welcome to rein this back a little if needed. Perhaps cut the mileage and reps in half or do whatever you need to do to make it through. 
  • This workout allowed Takamura to chase his opponent down and use his jab to set up his ultra-powerful right straight. Very simple workout, but it was simple for a reason. 
That’s all for today. It’s exceedingly good to be back writing again. I’ve missed it thoroughly. Until next time, good luck and train hard guys!
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  • Thanks for this workout, simple and hard. I'll do it soon as I can.
    I'll wait for the others characters, and above all, for the out-boxers like Itagaki or Miyata.

    Thanks for all

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