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Teppu- Solo and Team Training

Teppu is a really cool manga that centers around MMA– more specifically, women’s MMA. The story is about a genius of sports who discovers that she can’t dominate the world of Mixed Martial Arts like she does all the other sports she tries. This intrigues her and drives her to try her best– something she hasn’t done in a long time. If you guys don’t have a partner to train with, you can do the solo workout.

Solo Training

1. Back Fall and Get Up- 2 Minutes
2. Shrimping- 2 Minutes
3. Reverse Shrimping- 2 Minutes
4. Gorilla Hop- 1 Minute
5. Elbow Crawl- 1 Minute
6. Forward Shoulder Roll to Breakfall- 1 Minute
7. Forward Tumble to Jump- 1 Minute
8. Turning- 1 Minute
9. Low Sweep- 1 Minute
10. V-Ups- 2 Minutes
11. Shadowboxing Complex
      -3 Minutes Shadowboxing
      -30 Seconds Push-ups
      -3 Minutes Shadowboxing
      -30 Seconds Squats
   —As Many Rounds as Possible

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Partner Training

1. Shrimping w/Partner- 1 Minute each
2. Reverse Shrimping w/Partner- 1 Minute each
3. Knee Lock Walk- 1 Minute each
4. Jumping Ankle Cross- 1 Minute each
5. Jumping Ankle Cross to Takedown- 2 Minutes each
6. Single Leg Takedown Practice- 2 Minutes each
7. Double Leg Takedown Practice- 2 Minutes each
8. Sprawl Practice- 2 Minutes each
9. Grappling- 3 x 5 Minute Rounds
10. No Contact/Very Light Sparring Complex
      -3 Minutes No Contact/VL Sparring
      -30 Seconds Push-ups
      -3 Minutes NC/VL Sparring
      -30 Seconds Squats
  —As Many Rounds as Possible, then Rest 2 Minutes
11. Sparring- 3 x 3 Minutes


  • Rather than go into long-winded explanations of some of the things I’ve posted here and still not have you understand, I will instead post videos of the drills. Haha.
  • The good thing about these two workouts is that they progress with your level of fitness and they give you options if you have a partner or don’t.

That’s your workout for today. I’ll try to post the exercise demonstrations either later tonight or tomorrow. It depends on how much I have to do today, not to mention, there’s a lot of videos.

Until next time, good luck and train hard!

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