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The Cell Workout (Inspired by Cell’s Forms)

Cell was created the be the perfect being. He’s part Namek, Human, Saiyan, Cyborg, and part Frieza’s Race (nobody can ever agree on what to call those guys), and he’s super strong. In his short lifespan, he became one of the most powerful being to ever exist in the Dragon Ball universe. He beat down Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and just about everybody else and SSJ2 Gohan nearly couldn’t put him down in their final struggle. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

He’s Perfect, if you didn’t know that already.

I really enjoyed making the Frieza Workout, so I thought I’d continue on and create one for Cell! This one is just as much of a beatdown as the last one, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

The Cell Workout

-Larval Form

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  1. Bear Crawl 50 Meters
  2. 10 Bear Crawl Push-ups
–AMRAP in 4 Minutes. Rest 2 Minutes, then

-Imperfect Form

  1. 2x Bodyweight Sled Push for 20 Meters
  2. Run 400 Meters
  3. 10 Star Jumps
–AMRAP in 5 Minutes. Rest 2 Minutes, then

-Semi-Perfect Cell

  1. 6 Thrusters (135#)
  2. 6 Pull-ups
  3. 6 Handstand Push-ups
–AMRAP in 6 Minutes. Rest 2 Minutes, then

-Perfect Cell 

  1. 21 Snatches (95#)
  2. 15 Diamond Push-ups (Stance taken at first)
  3. 9 Barbell Curls (95#) (Admiring arms upon transforming)
  4. 20 Lateral Hops Over the Bar
  5. Bunny Hop 50 Meters
–AMRAP in 7 Minutes. Rest 5 Minutes, then

-Super Perfect Cell

  1. 8 Minutes to work up to heaviest Clean and Jerk
  1. This workout can be done all in a row or broken up into its parts. 
  2. The weights can be scaled down if necessary. 
  3. If you are lacking on form, please make sure to lower the weights so that you can get your form better. 
  4. To perform Bear Crawl Push-ups, you will start on all fours, hands and feet touching the ground. You will lower your hips a little and do push-ups from this position, lowering your entire body as low as possible and then raising to the starting position, which would be as if you were going to continue to bear crawl. 
  5. Star Jumps begin with your hands and feet by your side. You bend at the knees and hips slightly and then jump up throwing your arms and legs out so that your body is shaped like a star. Then, before you land, bring arms back to your side and legs together. Repeat as soon as you land. The reps should be in quick succession. 
  6. On the snatches and the clean and jerk, your technique needs to be on point. If you need help, find and Olympic lifting coach and watch as many videos on the form as possible. Keep the weights lighter until you feel comfortable with the movement. Also, the snatch doesn’t have to be a full snatch. If you are strong enough to power snatch the weight, go ahead. 
  7. The Larval Form is to mimick how Cell would have been moving around in this form. The 4 rounds are for the number of years Cell hibernated in the ground before emerging. 
  8. Imperfect Cell is based on Cell running around absorbing people, pushing against the random football team he ran into, and stopping himself in mid-air while fighting Piccolo. 
  9. Semi-Perfect Cell is based on Cell’s body at the time, with large arms, back, and legs. Also, it is intended to mimic the beat down he received at the hands of Super Vegeta. 
  10. Perfect Cell is based on a few specific scenes. The biceps curls are for when he first transformed and was admiring his arms in front of Vegeta. The Diamond Push-ups are for the first stance he took before fighting. The bunny and lateral hops are for the cricket-like jumping motion he uses frequently while fighting. The snatches are to mimic the rapid execution of high-level techniques he uses while fighting Goku, since the snatch is one of the most technical lifts you can do.
  11. Super Perfect Cell is to mimic the last-ditch Kamehameha against Gohan. It’s full-force power and technique to get the most amount of weight over your head as you possibly can. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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