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“The King’s Foundation” Workout

King (and eventually King II… and then just King, again) is a pro-wrestling stylist with real ass-kicking skills. He fights with a variety of full-power strikes, submission, and ridiculously powerful throws. His strength is amazing and is grounded in his fantastic leg strength, capable of leaping into the air while carrying a heavy opponent. These feats will require a person to have the ability to hold a large amount of weight on their back and the ability to quickly pull a similarly weighted weight from the ground as quickly as possible.

King rushes headlong into battle, using his overwhelming strength to crush his opponents. This workout is the first step in the creation of that strength. Try this on your next leg day and see how much strength you can draw out!

In all of his masked-wrestler glory.
“The King’s Foundation” Workout
  1. Back Squat- 10 x 1 Rep (Increasing from 50% to 1RM for the day. May not actually be 1RM. Rest only as long as it takes to change out the weights and get a drink of water. Focus on depth as long as possible. Squats must be at least tops-of-thighs parallel.)
  2. Power Clean- 10 x 1 Rep (Same as above. Focus on driving with your glutes with a flat back. Avoid rounding the spine.)
  3. Box Jumps- 10 x 1 Rep (Jump higher on each set, until you reach the highest you can jump for the day.)
  4. Sprint or Hill Sprint- 5 x 50 Meters (1 Minute Rest Between Sets)
  5. Plank- Max Time x 3 Sets (1 Minute Rest)
  6. Side Plank- Max Time x 3 Sets (1 Minute Rest)

  • If you are new to lifting, take it easy and try not to push yourself to your absolute limit. Familiarize yourself with the movements and gradually increase the weight over time. 
  • If you are not sure about jumping on a box, don’t do it. Always be certain about a jump or you may end up being smacked in the shins. 
  • Try to push yourself as hard as possible in the sprints, as you’ll have to accelerate as quickly as possible for the short distance. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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