“The King’s Mobility”- Mobility for Professional Wrestling – Real Anime Training

“The King’s Mobility”- Mobility for Professional Wrestling

Being a professional wrestler is hard on the body, both in training and in practice. And this is especially so for one that also is a real fighter. In order to make sure that an athlete stays healthy in the sport, it is essential that they learn to take care of themselves and stay loose to prevent injury. It’s very easy to become so focused on getting stronger and faster that you forget to work on your mobility and end up with an injury that sidelines you for weeks. Let’s prevent that.


This workout is designed to make sure that you can maintain good movement, flexibility, and general mobility. It should take you about an hour to complete this workout. 

Mobility for Professional Wrestling

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  1. 10 Minutes Cardio of Choice (Break a Sweat!) 
  2. Cossack Squat- 10 Reps (Supported if needed) 
  3. Joint Rotations- 10 Reps per joint
  4. Hold Bottom Position of Squat- 1 Minute 
  5. External Hip Rotation Stretch- 1 Minute/Side 
  6. Deep Lunge Stretch (Runner’s Stretch)- 1 Minute/Side 
  7. Seated Split Stretch- 1 Minute 
  8. Deadman Hang- 1 Minute 
  9. Band Pull-Aparts OR Light Cable Rear Delt Flyes- 50 Reps 
  10. Glute Bridge- 50 Reps
  11. YTW- 5 Sets, 15 Second Hold Per Position 
  12. High Front Kick- 15 Reps/Side 
  13. High Round Kick- 15 Reps/Side 
  14. Repeat 2-13 

  • The cardio can be any kind you like. You can jog, jump rope, shadowbox lightly, ride a bike, use an elliptical, or even play Dance, Dance Revolution. Keep it fun!
  • Cossack Squats start from the bottom of the squat. Lean your weight all onto one foot and straighten your other leg out to the side with the toes pointed up toward the ceiling. Transition your weight back to the other foot, shifting it into the squat position and the other one pointing up to the ceiling. 1 on each side is 1 Rep. You may need to use a bench in front of you to support yourself. Keep your heels on the ground and don’t roll to your toes at any point during the movement.
  • For the rest of the movements, use the search function if you have questions about them. We’ll be adding more and more movements in video form to make it easier for reference.
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