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The North Kaio-sama’s Training

Much like “The Turtle Hermit’s Training” and “Find the Dragon Balls,” this is a harder, non-leveled version of “Kaio-sama’s Training.”  This training will be more in line with those who have followed Goku’s Training Program.

On that note, if you’re one of the lucky people to be reading this post, it’s time to announce that we will be releasing Goku’s Training Program onto the blog in greater detail so that you may follow along with it, just as the One-Punch Man Training Program.

I assume you’ve mastered a basic punch and kick, then.
Well, are you ready?

The North Kaio-sama’s Training

Catch Bubbles

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  1. 100 Yard Zig-Zag Run
  2. 1 Set of 90 Degree Sprints
  3. 100 Yard Sprint
  4. 25 Yard Bear Crawl
–AMRAP in 20 Minutes, Rest 2 Minutes, then
Hit Gregory
  1. 25 Yard Sprint with 10-20# Sledgehammer
  2. 25 Sledgehammer Strikes with 10-20# Sledgehammer
–AMRAP in 20 Minutes, Rest 5 Minutes, then
Catch, Hit, Fight
  1. 100 Yard ALL-OUT Sprint
  2. 10 Full Power Sledgehammer Strikes 
  3. 8 Rounds of 20 Seconds on/10 Seconds off ALL-OUT Shadowboxing
  • Check the previous version of the workout for notes as well.
  • Use heavier sledgehammers as you become accustomed to the training.
  • The Bear Crawl was added to help simulate when Goku may have fallen in chasing Bubbles. 
  • The last section is to simulate when Goku was able to both catch Bubble and Hit Gregory in his testing, as well as to simulate the training for the activation of the Kaio-ken, considering it’s all out nature. 
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