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The past week.

Wow, it’s just been a crazy week for me. I spent part of the week training in Columbia with the author of Martial Arts and Rainbow Magic. We went to a boxing class and did some nice sparring, then he and I sparred for like an hour, I trained some Taiji, we worked some other techniques and then he showed me some really cool grappling moves that I’m dying to try on someone.

I’m pleased to say that my sense of timing and rhythm has not suffered too badly, given my lack of sparring partners, and my punching power has actually increased, which is also nice. It has been a busy and a stressful month, but I’m going to try to be really, really good for you guys this month with workouts and some other interesting things.

Hopefully, you guys are getting a lot stronger and learning a lot from whoever you’re training with. If any of you are ever in the Upstate of South Carolina, drop me a line at and we can train together. I’m attempting to kick my own training up a notch, because I’m really itching to fight again. If any of our readers are martial artists, I would love to see videos of your training or fights that you may have, including boxing, kickboxing, grappling, MMA, full contact Karate or Tae Kwon Do, Judo or whatever! Anything you send in has a very real possibility of being featured in a post on the blog!

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  • Anonymous says:

    yeah im using your rock lee workouts

  • Caleb says:

    Hi there i just wanted to request more training like jack hanma's and shinogi kureha's, with multiple workouts, that you can imagine them doing throughout the week, thanks alot, love the post's and the 72 arts of shaolin,

  • J-J says:

    wow why exactly do u train so hard for?

  • Vaxoin says:

    J-J, I train because I want to be strong! I do like to fight and I might like to fight professionally some day.

    However, in general, it's good to be in the best shape you can be so you can save your own life, if necessary.

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