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The Turtle Hermit’s Training (Roshi on Steroids)

I know that the Roshi’s Training workout isn’t exactly what Goku and Krillin do in the manga or anime, so I decided to release another version. This version is more true to the story and MUCH MUCH harder. I figured if this is too difficult, it can always be scaled back or you can just do the old one. Also, this workout is kind of time consuming, because it sort of assumes that training is your full-time job. In any case, let’s just get right into it, and you can leave any questions in the comments section.

The Turtle Hermit’s Training
Morning (Ideally, 4:30 in the morning– LOL)

  1. Light Jog- 1/2 Mile
  2. Skipping- 1 and 1/2 Miles
  3. Zigzagging- 1 Mile
  4. Climbing Steps- 1,000 Steps
  5. Balance Walking- 100 Yards
  6. High Knee Walking- 1/2 Mile
  7. Sprint- ALL OUT!!
  8. Tilling By Hand- 1 Hour
  9. Eat, Rest, Study*


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  1. Front Carry w/50-100 lbs– 5 x 50 yards
  2. Sledgehammer Swings– 200 Each Side
  3. Wheelbarrow Push w/100-250 lbs– 5 x 100 yards
  4. Overhead Carry w/50-100lbs– 5 x 100 yards
  5. Farmer’s Walk w/50-150lbs per hand– 5 x 50 yards
  6. Swim 1 Mile
  7. 5 Minute Dodging Practice


  • 2-7 for the morning training are meant to be completed while holding 45lbs of weight (ideally very compact) in front of you to simulate delivering milk. However, it is best if you do not start with this, but instead do the training without any weight. Eventually, when you feel as though the training is getting easier, add some weight to it. However, I imagine there are those who will go ahead and use the weight anyway… so, to those people I say, “Be very careful and pace yourself.” Enough said.
  • 1-5 for the afternoon training can be substituted for 4 hours of manual labor with no power tools. Carpentry, masonry, general construction, cutting trees, chopping wood, or anything that is going to be hard labor for the length of time. 
  • If you do not know how to skip, it would be best if you looked up a video of how to do it properly.
  • For the zigzagging, the width of your zigzag will be about 25-30 feet. You can do so at about a 45 degree angle along your course, although you can do a more obtuse angle, perhaps around 75 degrees, if you want to make it harder.
  • I realize it is extremely difficult to find a staircase with 1,000 steps, so if you have a stair climber of any sort, it would be extremely useful. If not, you’ll have to find the largest set of stairs you can and work your way up and down. I’m not so evil as to say you can’t count the steps down, though. Alternatively, you could count your steps up a very steep hill or on a high grade on a treadmill.
  • For balance walking, you can walk atop a curb, or anything that is about the width of your foot, or if you can find a fallen tree, you can walk it back and forth until you reach the distance listed.
  • High knee walking means you are lifting your knees high every time you step, like you are trying to walk through deep mud.
  • When you sprint, try to put everything you have left into it.
  • Tilling by hand seems extremely difficult; however, if you start off in a softer ground and work your way to a harder ground, you’ll find it much easier on yourself. You could also make a trench in sand or gravel for a change-up in training. The main idea, though, is to be able to make a trench on solid dirt ground.
  • Eat well, take a 30 minute to 1 hour rest (you should probably nap) and study something. It doesn’t have to be math or science. What you study could be fighting or fitness, or using your Nintendo DS to play BrainAge. Just something to get your brain moving like your body was.
  • The afternoon workout is essentially the previous Roshi’s Training.
  • For dodging practice, it is best to have a partner throw tennis balls at you.
  • I forgot to add this previously, but if you ever feel like you are getting used to this training, wear a 40lb weighted vest or backpack for everything but the swim. If that gets easy, up it to 80lbs. Obviously, I would recommend doing like 5lb increments, but the two massive jumps were what Master Roshi did to Krillin and Goku. 
  • Updated the program to be a little more like the show. 

That’s all for today guys. I hope you enjoy the suped-up Roshi’s Training. Have fun with it, good luck, and train hard!!

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  • Anonymous says:

    this workouts so cool. its one of your best ones 😀 (but what about the bee's? :D) thanks alot!

  • Vaxoin says:

    Actually, the dodging practice with the tennis balls is supposed to mimic the bees. God forbid anyone actually hit a bee hive and try to dodge bees. LOL.

  • Anonymous says:

    theres a wasp hive at the bottom of my road… i could give it a try! lol!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'd really like to try the tennis ball dodge. Seems like it'd be pretty fun until you get hit too much, haha. Thanks for the workouts!

  • Caleb says:

    I'm actually going to attempt this for a whole week, wish me luck!

  • bob says:

    is this even possible to do all this crazy shit man

    from the looks of it the marines aint got shit on this

  • Joshua says:

    Unfortunately, I have no way of doing the tilling, are there any substitutes I can use to replace that? As for the dodging practice, what if I can’t get a partner to help me out; plus, no tennis balls :/

  • >