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Training to Go Super Saiyan

(Disclaimer: You can’t actually turn into a Super Saiyan. :P) 

Training like a Saiyan is hard.  The Saiyans lived lives to non-stop combat and brutal conflict, even before the rule of Frieza. Each of these warriors was driven by the impulse to become stronger, to fight, become the greatest. Many times, this manifested itself into cruelty and hatred toward other species and themselves. This, I believe, was the downfall of the Saiyans as a whole.  Because they were so quick to throw themselves into battle, they certainly evolved quickly, but I imagine most of them died early on in life, never really being able to tap into their full potentials. 
This is not the case with the group of Super Saiyans that we know. Goku, Vegeta (later on), Gohan, Goten, and Trunks pushed themselves less on the battlefield and more in the practice room. To be sure, they fought their hardest when it was required of them, but they did their best to not go into battle ill-prepared. The fruits of this process were the various stages of Super Saiyan. 
So the question is this, “How do you train to go Super Saiyan?”
This is how:
1. Never Stop Pushing, Never Give Up

Always be progressing. There is no limit. 
Is a 500 pound squat good?  Hell, yeah, it is!   Let’s put five more pounds on there. 
Can you do a 100 push-ups?  Awesome!  Try it on the gymnastic rings this time. 
Learning how to box?  I love it!  Now, go train with those wrestlers. 
The key is this:  If you can do something, do it better.  If you can’t do something, keep trying. Goku couldn’t catch Korin on his first try and he damn sure couldn’t catch Bubbles or hit Gregory on the first try, either. Fall down seven, stand up eight. There is no “maintenance” in becoming a Super Saiyan. You can see the downfall of not training with Gohan.  When the world needed him to be as strong as he could be, he had only grown weaker. If you let yourself become complacent, you’ll soon find that “good enough” is the enemy of great. 
If you are failing somehow (losing in a competition), learn from it. Learn why it’s not working. Don’t make excuses!!  If there’s a reason that you failed, accept it and move on with your training and your life. Living in the past will not push you into the future. 

400 times gravity is for weaklings! Give me 401!
2.  Don’t Rush
This is a process. You will not get there over night. It will be in tiny little increments over weeks and months and years, but it will be worth it. Every rep, every mile, every practice session, every step will accumulate until one day– BOOM!!  You’ve arrived.  You’ve become a Super Saiyan. You’ve conquered your fears and your goals alike. You’re standing at the precipice of what it means to be you, looking off at the next level you’re pushing to achieve. 
But you won’t get there in one day, so don’t rush. 
One punch at a time.
3. Listen to Sage Advice

Goku had mentors his entire life: Grandpa Gohan, Master Roshi, Korin, Kami, King Kai… even his opponents were his mentors, in a way.  He learned from every available resource to help him become stronger. In the same way, listen to those who have the knowledge and skills.  Listen to those who have gone on before you. 
Your coaches, your teachers, your instructors, your opponents and your friends (who are knowledgeable) are your help in becoming the person you want to be. You may eventually outgrow them and that’s okay, but use them while you have them and let them help you become what you’re trying to become.  Don’t assume that you know more than the black belts, the Olympians, the Doctors, the Coaches, and the Trainers, for they’ve walked paths you haven’t. Instead, rely on them. You’ll thank yourself later.
Power comes to those who train and listen to their coaches.
4. Study on Your Own

It’s not enough to just do absolutely everything that someone else tells you, however. You need to learn your own body and your own mind.  You need to absorb as much information about your topics of study (and even outside) as possible. The more you know, the more you can make informed decisions about how you want to grow as an athlete, a martial artist, and a person. Seek knowledge from a variety of sources and don’t be afraid to try some things that people think are stupid.  There is not only one way to accomplish things.
That’s why there are various stages of Super Saiyan 1.
5. Train Your Ass Off!! (But Be Safe)
Nobody ever became great by accident. It was through hard work, dedication, practice, and so much training. Get in the gym. Get on the mat. Get on the road. 
And. Go. Do. Work.
You’ll be sore and you’ll be tired.  Eat well and sleep a bunch and get out there and do it again tomorrow. Implement a gameplan so that you can always train.  Your body needs rest, but there’s nothing wrong with letting it rest in stages. Arms are destroyed today– good, because my legs needed work anyway. 
Use proper safety equipment in your training. You can’t get stronger if you’re dead. Headgear and gloves in sparring is for everyone’s safety and help you be able to train longer and harder. It’s hard to train with a busted knuckle, rib, or nose. Be safe, be strong.
Training to become a Super Saiyan is hard, but being some guy in the crowd sucks pretty bad, too.
So, how do you train to become a Super Saiyan?  Start here:
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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