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Training with Dad

Here’s my Dad training with me and my friend James. He’s taught me a lot and he’s got a lot of really cool skills, as well as being ridiculously strong and very tough. Thanks to James for posting this!


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  • That is pretty interesting. My father started training me in various martial arts when I was five, Jeet Kune Do, American Kickboxing, Judo, and Aikido mainly. My father is also a carpenter and has worked construction most of his life. Nice to see I have more in common with you than I thought. Keep it up bro. Thanks for introducing me to Fitocracy as well.

  • Avatar Stephen Ross says:

    Glad to hear that there's a similarity as well.

    Also very glad to hear that you like Fitocracy!

    If you're ever in South Carolina, send me a message so we can train together maybe.

  • That would be great! I will let you know if I am ever making the trip to SC in the future and see what can be worked out.

  • Avatar Stephen Ross says:

    Awesome. Glad to hear it.

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