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  • Avatar JoeQ says:

    Intresting blog. I would never have commented if not for your articles on Mastery (1&2). Because you spoke of the subconscious I will bless you with some knowledge (arrogant much? hah).

    First up is David Eagleman's "Incognito". This does not have any martial arts references (that I can recall) but extrapolates on the nature and merits of the subconcious mind (as interesting tidbits of neuroscience). As a martial artist you will find much of this info relevant. Reading this book to me was akin to being an ignorant peasant and having a bombshell dropped on me by Galileo (referring to of course Heliocentrism).

    The second is Takuan Sohos "Unfettered Mind". This man was a philosopher alive during the time of greats such as Miyamoto Musashi (who had also written some interesting texts) and had a more intimate knowledge of martial arts than most people during the history of man.

    Some wikipedia links pertaining to the subconscious:

    Lastly, check out this video

    The guy is really full of himself (which also proved to be his undoing) but his footwork is incredible and look at how he dodges those punches. Just like an amateur would never hit a 95mph (barring blind luck obviously) because it travels from plate to catcher in .4 seconds, so too are most punches impossible to dodge without having ingrained into your brain certain movements.

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