Two Edits – Real Anime Training

Two Edits

I’ve edited two workouts to make them more in line with their respective anime. The workouts are the “Himokiri Karate Workout” and “Roshi’s Training.” Be sure to check them out. I should also have something else up for you guys tonight.

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  • Anonymous says:

    thanks for all your post's! there a great help. i just came up with an idea… there could be some sort of workout post where we, your humble supporters, send in some anime stlye workouts and if you approve of them you could edit and tinker with them. then you could post it! anyway just an idea.
    you train hard too! thanks alot!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, i just read "commentary on being a martial artist" thats the exact way i feel about martial arts. you said when you were young you got in alot of fights. i am still young and in shcool and i've never been in a fight. i want, more then anything, to get in one without starting it because that would be a be a bad thing to do. i want to get in one to test myself and then analyse the fight and if i lost better myself so next time i wouldn't. if i won to make sure next time i can end it with one strike because it is my dream (just like goku, naruto, baki and all those anime people) to be the greatest fighter in the world. i've been known to change my mind on everything in a few months but this is different because i actually enjoy training and stuff. i believe that you are now 23? well in ten years i'll be 23 and then, even if its the most un-practicle thing, i'll challenge you to a spar!And i'll win!believe it!(a little naruto there :))
    well thanks for all your post's. i hope i'll be seeing you in 10 years! maybe less…. thanks so much! you've inspired me! thaanks to you i now have the motivation to be the best in the world and i'll train to be it everysingle day! bye now! thanks again!!!

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