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Two Months into the Centurion Method

After two months of the Centurion Method, I’ve noticed that there are some movements that get over-utilized. However, upon inquiring of the author concerning this issue, I was informed that when a movement like “Pull-ups” is listed, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the pull-up has to be in a supinated grip and, in fact, grips can be alternated between sets. I imagine this same thing applies to push-ups and hand positions, as well as foot position on squats.

I have had to take the last week off from the CM in order to rest, because, due to the high-intensity and high volume nature of the program, combined with my active job of personal training and instructing fitness classes, I felt as though I was right on the edge of Overtraining Syndrome. I’m feeling much better after this recovery week and am looking forward to seeing what my strength and endurance look like jumping back into the Centurion Method workouts.

On another note, I’m also going to start including my martial arts training back into my program. I feel like I should never have left it out, but I wanted to give the Centurion Method a fair shot in the beginning, so I could better understand the wear and tear it would put on my body.

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Proud to say that I am a Berzerker of the Centurion Method, but I’ll be looking forward to getting back to my Real Anime Training workouts. (I guess to be fair, though, I’ll be including the Centurion Method in Real Anime Training for you guys soon.)

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  • I have been looking into this program and I am currently debating on giving it a go sometime soon. I like to stick to the basics and I do a great deal of outdoor activity already so I don't think my transition would be too hard.

  • Stephen Ross says:

    It's pretty awesome and very compatible with Real Anime Training, in my opinion. As such, I kind of made the Centurion Method the Patron God of "Vinland Saga" and "Berserk."

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