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UFC 116 Thoughts- SPOILER ALERT!

This was one of the most exciting events I’ve had the opportunity to watch! Every fight was explosive and every fighter did very well. Congratulations to all who won!

The most anticipated Heavyweight match-up in quite some time, Lesnar vs. Carwin, kept me on the edge of my seat. In the first round, Carwin took an early lead with some amazing striking and Lesnar appeared several times to be in trouble, however he managed to defend himself and get to a better position by the end of the round. The second round, however, Lesnar took an apparently winded Carwin to the ground and transitioned to a head-and-arm triangle choke to remain the Heavyweight Champ.

The other fights were great as well, with George Sotiropoulos, Chris Leben, Stephan Bonnar, and Chris Lytle all winning in some fantastic displays. All-in-all, I enjoyed this event very much and I am happy to see the UFC putting such great match-ups together.

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