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Vegeta’s Gravity Room Workout

We have Goku’s Gravity Room Workout and The Super Saiyan Workout, but we don’t have a workout specifically for Vegeta.

Let’s fix that.

When Vegeta saw what hardcore training in a Gravity Chamber did for Kakkarot, he threw himself into it full blast, even to the point of being almost constantly injured. He eventually beat himself to the point where he practically had no choice but to become Super Saiyan. If there was a book called, “How to Become a Super Saiyan,” Vegeta would have written it in his own sweat and blood. Goku trained hard to get where he is, but Vegeta trained to the point of downright insanity. 400x gravity is pretty ridiculous, if you ask me. Some of the exercises here were not explicitly shown, but are extrapolations of the kinds of training Vegeta did and what he would need for full body training. Vegeta needed a Real Anime Training workout and he’s going to get one right now!

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Do… push-ups… Beat… Kakkarot…

Vegeta’s Gravity Room Workout

Bodyweight Exercises (Choose 3 to do 3 sets of MAX Reps)

  1. Push-up
  2. One-Arm Push-up
  3. Handstand Push-up
  4. One-Arm Handstand Push-up
  5. Squat
  6. One-Legged Squat
  7. Pull-up
  8. One-Arm Pull-up
  9. Body Row
  10. One-Arm Body Row

Anti-movement Core Training

  1. Plank- MAX Time
  2. 30 Seconds Rest
  3. Side Plank- MAX Time/each side
  4. 30 Seconds Rest
  5. Straight Bridge- MAX Time
  6. 30 Seconds Rest
  7. Handstand- MAX Time (or 1 Min Total)
  8. 30 Seconds Rest
  9. One-Arm Plank- MAX Time/each side
  10. 30 Seconds Rest
  11. One-Arm Handstand- MAX Time/each side
  12. 30 Seconds Rest
  13. One-Arm Hang- MAX Time/each side
Combat Skills (Choose 1)
  1. Shadowboxing- 30 Seconds Hard/30 Seconds Easy for 4 Minutes x 3 Rounds (1 Minute Recovery between rounds)
  2. Agility Practice- 30 Minutes (see notes)
  3. Dodging Practice- 3 x 5 Minutes 
  • You have the choices of bodyweight exercises, so that you’re not always killing the same movement pattern, but you are still able to make progression. Also, you have single-limb variations for strength work. 
  • I understand it is probably unlikely that Vegeta had a pull-up bar considering how much he would have weighed in the Gravity Room, but let’s just assume Dr. Briefs made a material strong enough to deal with the gravity. 
  • If you are working on one-arm push-ups, start with your legs spread wide and work on slowly moving your feet together as you get better at it. 
  • You may do handstand push-ups against a wall to start with, but eventually you should work to doing them without support. 
  • On one-legged squats, you can use support to help you work on technique in the beginning. 
  • The middle section of the workout is based on the time Vegeta was spinning while hovering in the air of the Gravity Room. He would have had to maintain core tension in each position to keep himself from bending one way or another. 
  • A straight bridge is just the reverse of the plank. Your body is facing upward, with your hands flat on the ground. 
  • Practice the handstand freehand. If you can’t hold the handstand continuously for 1 minute, break it up into sets so you can get in some practice. 
  • For the one-arm handstand, you can do it against the wall until you feel more comfortable with it. 
  • Try to keep from spinning while hanging from the bar/rope with one arm.
  • In the last portion of the workout, for Agility Practice, you can work with an agility ladder, you can walk on your hands, roll or flip around, jump from place to place quickly, use fast fighting footwork, or combine your fighting techniques with any of these motions. 
  • Dodging Practice works will with dodgeball, tag, having tennis balls thrown at you, or dodging various attacks. 
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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