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“Vinland Saga” and “Berserk” Training

I’ve wanted to do workouts for these two series for quite a while; however, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of the initial release of the Centurion Method and if anything matches the spirit of these manga, its CM. The workouts for the program are primarily done outside, mostly with rocks, logs, and sledgehammers. Of course, you can do them with barbells/dumbbells/kettlebells/medicine balls, but nothing beats the hardcore feel of a big-ass rock and log. There are workouts for pure strength, more cardio-based ones, and some really just ridiculous beat-yourself-to-death workouts, as well as a “Primal” section that focuses on the movement of the human body.

Throughout both “Vinland Saga” and “Berserk,” we are forced to look the brutality of the human condition dead in the face. It is unrelenting, unforgiving, and unapologetic. The body count racked up in these series- man, woman, and child- is mind-numbing. But there is a message present throughout each story.

Only the strong survive.

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Survival favors those who can outlift, outrun, outfight, and just generally outlast others. There will always be people who will seek to pillage, plunder, and destroy. Man vs. Man or Man vs Nature are the everlasting themes of human history and they are themes that leave our history riddled with the corpses of those consumed by them. The Centurion Method embraces this concept, becoming a weapon to strike out against those who would oppose you and a chisel to carve the marble of your being into a fleshy god. (Don’t you love how over-the-top it is?) Below are a couple of workouts from the Centurion Method, as an example. If they strike your fancy, head on over and pick up a copy.

Vinland Saga: “Concentration Camp”

  1. 1.5 Mile Run w/25+# vest/backpack
  2. 25 Backpack/Vest Deadlifts
  3. 50 Lunge Walks with Backpack/Vest over Shoulders
  4. 50 Bear Crawl Push/Pull with Backpack/Vest

Berserk: “The Dance of Battle”

  1. 20 Dodge Lunge Walks
  2. 20 Hammer Lunge Walks
  3. 25 Sledgehammer Swings (swap sides each round)
  4. 20 Dynamic Side Lunge
  5. –8 Rounds
  • Bear Crawl Push/Pulls are when you have a weight underneath you while in a bear crawl position, you push or pull the weight ahead of you as far as you can reach, then crawl over top of it and do it again. Each time you pull or push the weight, that is one rep. 
  • Dodge Lunge Walks- Do a normal lunge and, as you stand up, dodge explosively to the opposite side. One on each side is one rep. 
  • Hammer Lunge Walks- Do a normal lunge with the hammer over your shoulder and as you stand up, swing the hammer and repeat on the opposite side for one rep. 
  • Dynamic Side Lunge-  Lunge to one side and explode back to standing and then lunge to the opposite side for one rep. 
  • The Centurion Method workouts can beat you down, so it is perfectly okay to stop in the middle of a workout if you cannot complete it. 
Hopefully you guys enjoy these workouts and I hope you’ll check out the Centurion Method Training Manual. Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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