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Yamcha, The Desert Bandit

Remember when Yamcha was relevant? I mean, think really hard for a second. Think back…

There we go.

I hate that some really important characters in Dragon Ball just became not useful at all. That’s one of the reason I appreciate later anime such as One Piece or Naruto, where smaller characters still get to fight, even though they are outclassed by the main character or main villain at the time.

This workout is based on how Yamcha fights when we first meet him. He charges and has a lot of big, exaggerated movements and, even though Goku is stronger than he is, he’s one tough customer.

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Yamcha, The Desert Bandit

  1. 20 Lateral Lunges
  2. 100 Meter Sprint
  3. 20 Push-ups
  4. 100 Meter Bear Crawl
  5. 20 Punches (As Fast As Possible)
  6. 10 Jumping Kicks
–5 Rounds, then 
  1. Shadowbox/Kata/Sparring for 5 Minutes
  2. 100 Meter All-Out Sprint

  • The Lateral Lunges rep count is one each side, not total. You will start from standing, step out to the side, and lunge. Your non-lunging leg will remain straight and both of your feet will be pointing in relatively the same direction. To lower yourself into the lunge, think of this movement more like a squat and break at your hips, allowing your butt to go back and your upper body to lean a little forward and over the lunging leg. Your goal is to go as low as possible into the lunge, while maintaining form and both feet on the ground. As you reverse the movement, come back to standing with both feet together. Repeat on the other side for one rep. 
  • All other exercises that use one limb at a time are also on each side and not total. If 20 reps, it is 20 reps per side.
  • Make sure you’re pushing it hard on the sprints. 
  • The bear crawl is to get you thinking and moving like an animal to prepare you for the Rogafufu-ken (Wolf Fang Fist).
  • The 20 punches, as fast as possible, are to mimic the Wolf Fang Fist. And they don’t necessarily have to be punches. They can be chops, spear hands, claws, or palm strikes. The point is to be extremely fast. You can also do this on a pad or heavy bag. 
  • Make sure you get your footing on the jumping kicks. Don’t try to get through them too fast. Focus on form and execute each technique as flawlessly as possible. 
  • At the end of the workout, you will train with an imaginary or real opponent. If you are training with a real opponent, I recommend protective gear for your own safety. If you are shadowboxing or doing Kata, really focus on image training so that you think about the purpose of your techniques. 
  • Put everything you have into your last sprint, because you just have to run sometimes!!
That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!
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